Writing, Grammar, and Usage

At the beginning of the term you created some goals for term three. Many of you created goals that were related to composition writing and or "fixing sentence errors". (Others would have created goals related to writing if they'd thought of it. Right?)

Here's a way to learn some more about how to use the English language:
1. Create a Google Document called "Writing, Grammar, and Usage".

2. Over the course of the term learn or reinforce five (5) writing, grammar, and/or usage concepts. Here's an index of writing, grammar, and usage concepts with links to information and tutorials:

3. Show that you've learned or reinforced the concepts by taking five (5) quizzes (and retaking them if necessary). Paste evidence of successful quizzes into your Google Doc. Due on or before April 7.
Quizzes can be found at the end of many lessons/tutorials. They can also be found here:

4. After taking the quiz briefly (but substantially) reflect what you learned by reading the tutorial and taking the quiz. Write this reflection in your "Writing, Grammar, and Usage" document.

[Note: What is grammar? What is usage? Here is a short, helpful essay on the subject. The essay also makes an argument.]

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