Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Prepare for the Midyear Exam

Section 1: General Academic and Subject Specific Vocabulary
* Know and be able to apply the following vocabulary lists found here:

General Academic Vocabulary
* Adjectives to describe satirical/humorous/ironic/sarcastic tones
* Adjectives and verbs to discuss personal essays
* Lord of the Flies vocabulary

Subject Specific Vocabulary
* Vocabulary about vocabulary
* Vocabulary about sentences
* Vocabulary (and an acronym) about discourse
* Vocabulary about satire
* Vocabulary about personal narratives
* Vocabulary about Hamlet and Elizabethan Drama
* Vocabulary about Lord of the Flies and allegorical novels
* Additional vocabulary about rhetoric and argument

Study cards can be an effective learning strategy.
Quizlet and Study Blue are tools that your peers recommend.

Section 2: Identifying Sentence Errors
* Study the SAT Identifying Sentence Errors handout and the How We Use Language: Style and Conventions (Semester One) handout.

* Review your own writing for common errors.
* Practice identifying sentence errors at the College Board website. Click here.

Section 3: AP English Language rhetorical analysis multiple choice
* Study subject specific vocabulary (See above)
* Use multiple choice strategies (including reading questions before reading the passage, reading the passage and the questions actively, eliminating obviously wrong answers, learning from other questions in the section, choosing the best answer available) 
* Practice AP English Language multiple choice questions here (pages 18-34, answers on 34) 

Section 4: AP English Language rhetorical analysis essay (Q2) 
* Review comments on your prior Q2 essays (both in class and take home): "On Seeing England for the First Time" (take home), "A Brief Study of the British" (in class), and Hamlet passage (in class).  
* Look at Q2 prompts, scoring guides, and sample responses here. 

Good luck!!!!! Or, "break a leg!" 

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