Friday, February 28, 2014

Grendel Argument (and other end of unit information)

Question 3
(Suggested time - 40 minutes.)

In the novel Grendel John Gardner explores the tension between telling the truth about life as it currently is and asserting meaningful values to guide one’s life. Many readers find Grendel's truth telling appealing—the way he exposes the lies, ignorance, and “bad faith” at the core of the way others find meaning in life. These perceptive readers simultaneously understand that because Grendel’s truth telling takes the form of rejecting all values and all hope for a better life and world (nihilism) he traps himself in a monotonous cycle of violence.

Think about the tension between truth telling and meaning making. Then write an essay in which you explain the relationship between telling the truth about life and asserting values to guide one's life. Use appropriate evidence from your reading, experience, and/or observations to support your argument. 


This weekend make sure your Grendel work is complete and shared.
Due Monday 3/3.

A Google document entitled "Grendel in Class" should include
* a 3-2-1 for chapters 1-4
* a 3-2-1 for chapters 4-6
* a 3-2-1 for chapters 7-9
* a 3-2-1 for chapters 10-12
[Click here for directions.] 

* Ideas for titles for all 12 chapters. (We created titles for the first four in class.)
You may model the titles on the ones William Golding created for Lord of the Flies. You may use a particular literary technique, such as paradoxes or similes. You may allude to symbolic imagery, zodiac symbols, themes, events. Try to make your titles relevant, suggestive, and interesting.

* Letter to John Gardner in response to his 1976 letter to VT AP students.
[Click here for directions.] (Note: I know we didn't write this letter in-class but I'd like it in the same document anyway. It will help me keep my Google Drive manageable.)


On Monday we'll do some passage analysis activities for a quiz grade. Bring your book and your notes.

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