Friday, May 2, 2014

AP English Language and Composition Exam Preparation

AP English Language and Composition Exam Multiple Choice (practice)
1. 1996 "Queen Elizabeth" (take home)
2. 2001 "I am a woman" (take home)
3. 2013 "Ellen Terry" (in class)
4. 2007 "With imagination" (take home) [Due Tuesday, May 6]

Q3 (Argument) AP English Language and Composition Free Response
1. By Thursday, May 1 complete a Q3 (argument). (Here is a link to details.)
2. In class on Thursday (May 1) review several Q3 argument (and SAT argument) strategies, including creating clear, nuanced positions and developing specific, persuasive support.
3. In class on Monday May 5 for C-block and Tuesday May 6 for F-block, review feedback from Mr. James Cook.

Q2 (Rhetorical Analysis) AP English Language and Composition Free Response
1. On Monday, May 5, bring in two passages from your independent that are rhetorically interesting. Be prepared to talk about the argument that the passage contributes to and how the way the passage contributes to the argument is interesting and, perhaps, effective. How do the strategies contribute to the argument? 

READ THIS: Think about what argument the passages are making and how they make the argument. Think about diction, syntax, voice, style, tone (attitude), organization, suggestive detail, supporting detail, use of research, use of observation, use of experience, appeal to reason (logos), appeal to character/trustworthiness/credibility (ethos), appeal to emotions (pathos), or anything else that makes the passage's way of making an argument interesting. 

2. On Monday, May 5, make sure you have access to your Hamlet Q2 (an analysis of a passage that you chose) and your "On Seeing England for the First Time" Q2 (an analysis of how Jamaica Kincaid uses rhetorical strategies to suggest her attitude toward England). We'll use these essays to remind us about Q2 strategies.

3. By class time on Tuesday, May 6, you should have written or selected a prompt, and you should have looked at examples of Q2s that you have written and/or that are posted on here. You also might want to review rhetorical strategies here.

4.  By Wednesday, May 7, complete a Q2 either by writing your own prompt for a passage from your independent reading book or by completing a Q2 from the past (find them here). Bring it to class. 

Q1 (Synthesis) AP English Language and Composition Free Response
1. On Wednesday, May 7, make a plan (map/outline) in response to a Q1 (synthesis) from the past.
2. On Thursday, May 8, make sure you have access to you Consumerism/Commodification Q1 and your research-based argument. We'll use these to remind us about Q1 strategies.

On Thursday, May 8, in class we'll have a confidence boosting, anxiety alleviating general review of AP Exam strategies. (To prepare to this review rhetorical strategies vocabulary found here.)

On Friday, May 9, you'll be in room 2210 by 7:30 with sharpened pencils, black pens, and a snack for intermission. Then, you and your peers will teach the College Board to fear the intellectual power of Gloucester High School Fishermen.  

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