Monday, March 10, 2014

Going Deeper into a Single Text (#3)

Going deeper into a single text
I will assign you a text* in the packet to look at more closely. You will write a 150-200 word formal annotation. What does that mean? A formal annotation includes a summary, analysis, and evaluation of the text. (These annotations are important for creating annotated bibliographies, annotated works cited, and annotated works consulted pages. We’re not creating those now, but we’re practicing for later in the year.) Due Tuesday, March 11.

Here is a link to sample annotations.

*Here are the groups and assigned texts:

Ella, Zoe, Michael / Ryan B., Hannah, Lauren : Sources A, B, F, I [You may choose one for this step.]

Dan, Accursio, Rachael / Melanie, Kate: Source C

Ryan, Everest, Morey / Joseph, Emily, Tess: Source D

Kerri, Emma / Paula, Johayne: Source E

Cody, Josie, Spencer / Bethany, Jaclyn: Source G

Gloria, Winslow / Laura, Meghan: Source H

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  1. While reading this article I could not help but agree with Seel and Wilensky. They are painting a very sharp picture of the world that Abercrombie & Fitch has created for America's youth. The clothing line not only sells their clothes through sex images on their bags, walls, etc, but they have a magalog titled A&F Quarterly that depicts sex, drugs and drinking during college life. The clothes that the store sells are being sold through their risquè advertisments. These advertisments appeal to America's youth widely because, as Seel and Wilensky put it, it allows them to be "stepping into the fantasy world of adolescent dreams, unlimited popularity and carnal pleasures.". This is very true. Consumerism forces young children to want to escape the world that they currently live in, and trade it for something spectacular even though it is frowned upon. Abercrombie and Fitch is a vessel that lets them escape, and while wearing their clothes they feel that they can achieve this freedom that they crave.