Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work to do at home before class on Friday

As you work on step six (6) maps/webs in class on Wednesday and Thursday, there are two things you should do at home to be ready for Friday.

Thursday night you should take the opportunity to look for issues and implications related to consumerism and commodification in some of the other sources. Choose at least one additional source. By class time Friday March 14 write a formal annotation and mini-map of the issues and implications related to consumerism and commodification in this source.

Documentary Films                                     
Source J (Merchants of Cool)                                          
Source K (The Ad and the Ego)+            
Source L (The Persuaders)                                          
Source M (Generation Like)

Source N ("Are You Happy Yet?")
Source O ("Keep Consuming")
Source P (Wexler and Taylor)*

Source R (Childress)**
Source T (Gunelius)***

+Source K: The link is to a transcript of the documentary.
*Source P: Infographic: What are teens doing online?
**Source R: Article: How does personal information become a commodity?
***Source T: Article: What is the difference between a consumer and prosumer? 

Before Friday do this too.

  1. Read and annotate the “locavore” prompt and essay you are given. (You can find the prompt here and the essay here. The prompt and essay will also be passed out in class on Thursday.) Make a map of the essay. Put the author’s central argument in the middle. Connect the central argument to issues. Connect issues to implications. Connect issues/implications to support from sources. What does the map reveal about the effectiveness of the essay’s response to the prompt? Due Friday March 14.

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